Monday, May 24, 2010

courting youth

sorry if I encroach but you smell like youth
so I want to lean in and
keep moving in to breathe you in
to catch it through contagion as you speak
and breathe on me
as your dreams all spill out
over laughter and meals and your green ideals

though I know I can’t stay
but maybe just for today I’ll pretend so
I can spend this hour
letting you get under my skin

you should know this may hurt
but I need you to bleed
a little hope onto me and a little carefree
a little reckless spontaneity
just a drop or two of what I used to be before
this compulsory vaccine called life
got to me

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reflections at a Wedding

I miss the beauty of unblemished hope
where fewer slowing shoulds interrupted
the fast flow of could
and all was youth
in forever
where we played and planned
lifetimes of lying together
even in fabled fields of trouble
days of white and spring and cherry blossoms
that would never die


until they did
when all the why's came one day
and took it all away
replaced by something more profound
but less hope and less white
where cherry blossoms die
and love is tempered in
calming seas of good and right

and where I wonder if I’ll ever drown again